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    Principle description
    Manual brush filter is composed by filter body, stainless steel screen, cleaning brush holder with handle, drain valve and pressure gauge. Cleaning brush holder through the filter cover, and the cleaning brush is installed inside the stainless steel filter. When the water flows through manual brush filter, the impurity is intercepted by the filter., when need to drain, just shake the handle clockwise to open the drain valve number, can complete drainage, don’t need to remove the filter cleaning internal mesh, cleaning sewage process flow do not interrupt.
    Filter Material
    Housing: Carbon steel/304 stainless steel/316L.
    Mesh: 304 stainless steel/316L
    Brush: 304 stainless steel/316L
    valve: Casting iron, copper. stainless steel
    Sealing ring: EPDM rubber
    Technical Parameter
    Single maximum filter flow: 970m鲁/h
    Filtration range: 4000~20 micron
    Drilling(4000-800um) Wedge(1000-50umWoven composite(800-20um)
    Max working pressure: 16 bar(customized)
    Min working pressure: 2 bar
    Working temperature: 85鈩?/p>
    Cleaning way: brush
    Technical table
    ModelWater in/out(mm)L1L2LDHDrain out(mm)Flow(m鲁/h)
    DLS-200200900105056032590040320Self Cleaning Screen Filter in stock