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    鈼?GLASS STEMWARE PROTECTION. This microfiber chest features sturdy fiberboard dividers to furnish a great solution for convenient and stylish organization of your valuable wine goblets. Storing your fragile, priceless glasses this way will prevent them from knocking into each other, effectively protecting them from dust, chipping and breaking.
    鈼?STORGAE FOR FINE CRYSTAL. Fine crystal doesn鈥檛 come cheap so you want to do what you can to keep it protected. This deluxe storage chest is a good investment to make in accomplishing that goal. Designed to accommodate and protect up to twelve (12) glasses, this case houses wine goblets measuring up to 3 7/8″ in diameter x 10″ in height.
    鈼?DURABLE CONSTRUCTION. The exterior of the case is constructed using lightweight yet durable microfiber construction to provide long-lasting strength and use year after year.. This soft quilted material boasts extra thick, plush padding to ensure your glasses are fully protected, along with decorative quilted stitching for increased visual interest and appeal.
    鈼?TOP-LOADING DESIGN. Providing easy access for quick loading and removing of your precious stemware, this wine goblet storage chest features a top-loading design. It鈥檚 equipped with a nylon, self-correcting zipper to provide reliable use, while keeping your glasses securely stored and protected from moisture and dust.
    鈼?CONTENTS LABEL. For quick identification and added convenience, the micro fiber chest features a contents card inside the clear, front window. This allows you to write down what’s stored inside to provide simple location of stored glasses in the future, perfect if you have multiple chests or are transporting them to a new home.
    Q1. What is the lead time?
    鈥?Around 15 to 20 days according to the order quantity and production details.
    Q2. Could you provide free design for my packaging box?
    鈥?Yes, we provide free design service, the structural design and easy graphic design.
    Q3. What kind of document format will you accept for printing?
    鈥?AI, CDR, PDF, PSD, EPS, high resolution JPG or PNG.Wholesale Packaging Bags